Get Just What You Need….Before Your Morning Coffee.

0-Spam, 100% Relevant, & Fully Customized Reports in 40+ global languages delivered to you at your chosen time of the day.

Square Pegs in Round Holes? We Make It Work.

We combine structured and unstructured data and give it a uniform form without impacting data integrity for comprehensive analysis.

Respect Privacy & Safeguard Data…Our Mantra.

100% commitment to data security as per international standards through organizational and individual level security measures.

Show Stopping Event Support…Through All Stages.

We monitor (pre-event), measure (during event), and evaluate (post event) your communications strategy and provide timely insights.

Crisis Monitoring…For Those Nail Biting Moments.

24x7 media monitoring with real-time alerts to keep a close eye on stories that can escalate into major crisis.

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds…Literally.

We use proprietary tools and third-party aggregators for picking stories relevant to your brand and communications strategy.

Almost A Star Crossed Couple – Numbers & Context

Tangible measurements on things like message congruence, sentiments, virality indices, etc. with insights for contextual understanding.

Intelligence That Drives Real Action

Actionable insights that drive action to support decision-making and achieve your strategic objectives – faster and more effectively.

Measuring Impact And Not Just Performance graph

Realistic view of your PR performance and its impact in terms of ROI from your PR dollars and impact on bottom line.

Associate With the Best & Most Relevant

Qualitative and quantitative media tagging driven by technology and human validation to associate with right people across channels.

Just for You Kind of Service

Custom metrics to create a realistic view of the impact of your PR strategies compared to the goals defined for corporate communication.

Head to Head Toe to Toe

A comparative view of your brand against your competition and more clarity on their strategies – successful as well as failed ones.