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A well thought out social media strategy can transform you from just another brand on social media to a ‘trailblazer’. Start your transformation journey with us. Get up from the sidelines and master the game of social media presence.

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Social Media Audit

We evaluate your existing social media efforts and compare it against the KPIs (goals) to paint a real picture of the performance. We help you understand what is working for you, what needs attention, and what needs overhaul. Our goal is to help you determine the action plan that can deliver the results you expect.

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Get custom defined metrics and benchmark your real performance against the goals to make intelligent decisions. Gain a new perspective on your social media strategy.
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Use an evaluation process that looks at variety of data from multiple platforms and evaluate it against the KPI’s identified for your business. Identify the gaps and address them on time.
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See how your social media performance is impacting your business & it’s bottom-line. Relate your success to the actual dollars that your business earns from social media efforts.

Social Media
Channel &
Content Strategy

We analyze the content from various social platforms and give you insights around what type of content would help you meet your objective on each channel.

We make data backed recommendations around:

  • What channels you should focus on 
  • what type of content you should create and post on each channel
  • What should you be your posting frequency for each channel
  • what would be an ideal day and time for you to post on each channel
  • What type of themes you should use for content

We also work with your team to establish some key social media interaction processes. We can help you define guidelines, compliance rules across different channels, and best practices as well.

Competitor &
Campaign Analysis

We deliver an in-depth analysis of your competition’s social media performance and decode it for your benefit. We give you insights on which campaigns are doing better across different channels, and how they are influencing your customers.

We look at your content strategy, channel strategy, marketing strategy, as well as customer engagement strategy to generate key actionable insights for you. We can identify best practices from their social media activities and help you adopt them as part of your strategy.

We benchmark your weekly, monthly, or quarterly social media performance against your competition – including the aspirational leader brands – and make recommendations and provide actionable steps on how you can leverage these as best practices and come up with an optimal strategy.

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