Beats Solo Pro On-Ear Headphones With Noise Cancellation Feature

#Technology industry, one of the most #dynamic #industry of present day, is characterized by new and emerging #gadgets that are being released frequently. Beats, a subsidiary of Apple Inc focused on producing high end #audio products, has launched a new on-ear headphones, under the Solo Pro series with #noise #cancellation feature.

Beats’ new Solo Pro on-ear headphones are prized at $299.95 in the #US and will be released on October 30th, across the country. The company considers #SoloPro a #nextgen product, whose workings are amplified by the integration of features from the already popular, wireless #Powerbeats Pro headsets.

The launch announcement had a ripple effect on #socialmedia which recorded huge volumes of conversations since announcement. Noise cancellation was the most discussed feature of the #new #headsets.

VoC Analysis

Our #VoiceOfCustomer #analysis found that the audience was very excited about the new #earphone. The themes that were popularly discussed were:

  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Price & Release date
  • Pre ordering of the earphone
  • Design and color
  • 22 Hours playback battery life etc.

Many were found mentioning that they have already preordered the headsets. Some were excited about the various color options that the product offers. A few shared that they liked the advanced features of Solo Pro. Some stated that they were planning to buy the product as soon as possible. A few asked whether it was a Chinese product. Some #tech experts compared the features of Solo Pro to that of #Apple #Airpods.

Popular #NBA #player, James Harden’s tweet about the Beats headsets went viral and created a great deal of excitement for the product.

James Harden’s tweet

Source: Twitter

Gender Demographics

Our demographic analysis revealed the usual trend with tech news and associated conversational patterns on social media.

Gender Analysis

Men contributed 78% to the social media chatter whereas women contributed only 22% to the #socialmedia conversation volume.

Interest and Professions of Top Authors

Social media analysis into the personal interests and habitual inclinations of unique authors revealed that people from Sports background (16%) and Technology lovers were the most enthusiastic about the Beats Solo Pro headphones.

Interest & Profession Breakdown of Buzz Creators

Interests breakdownProfession Breakdown

Top professions who contributed to the social media chatter included Artists (26%), Executives (21%), Journalists (13%) etc.

Trending Hashtags

Our social media analysis revealed that #Powerbeatspro, #beatsolopro, #solopro etc were the trending hashtags around the story.

Some popular hashtags










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