Boeing & Virgin Galactic Team Up For Space Travel Program

Boeing & Virgin Galactic Team Up For Space Travel Program

On Tuesday, October 8th, Boeing, the #aircraft manufacturer, announced that it has entered into a strategic #partnership with Richard Branson’s space travel company, Virgin Galactic, to fund the #ambitious endeavors of transporting enthusiastic passengers through space. The #business #consort is believed to give a boost to Branson’s vision of helping in the development of superior #technologies that would make movement through space a reality for many. The deal is confirmed at $20 million in Virgin Galactic, through its venture capital arm, HorizonX Venture, which owns stakes in frontier tech startups in areas such as 3D printing and #drones.

No doubt, the #spaceresearch #collaboration, though commercially motivated, threw the #socialmedia space in a topsy-turvy situation with conversation volumes swelling by every passing hour.

VoC Analysis

Our #VoiceofCustomer #Analysis identified the following trends in the social media discussions:

  • Collective excitement and a sense of rejoicing pervaded in the digital space
  • Few opined and requested for extra leg space facility in the future aircraft
  • People showed excitement for hypersonic speed travel offer by Boeing
  • Many opined that the partnership marks beginning of a new era of space travel
  • Some quoted Richard Branson as a ‘true visionary’

Social Media Announcement By The Two Brands

Audience Demographics: Gender Conversation Split

Our gender demographic analysis revealed that men (70%) were more vocal about the Boeing-Virgin Galactic partnership on social media than women (30%). Men were interested about details like the legroom, speed, travel time, etc.

Interest Analysis

It was observed that Business (18%) and Technology savvy people (14%) had greater proportions of excitement and were seen to contribute the most to social media conversations on this news. Their excitement to experience #hypersonic #speed #travel was palpable.

Interest of Buzz Drivers

Popular Authors

Tech news portals like @CNBC, @ForbesTech, @Reuters, etc. were identified to be the key Virality Drivers, creating buzz around this particular newsbreak.

Virality Drivers

Trending Hashtags

Diving deeper into the social media analysis of the story, #boeing, #virgingalactic, #boeinghorizonx, #aerospace, etc. emerged as the most used hashtags. People used these hashtags to voice their thoughts across social media.

For more than half a century, Boeing has played a pivotal role in USA’s human spaceflight programs. Back in the days, Boeing was the one that built NASA’s Saturn V moon rocket. Today, Boeing is currently NASA’s prime contractor for International Space Station. So, investing in a partnership that would make space travel a reality for larger number of people seems to be a natural progression for Boeing. This partnership also reflects Boeing’s commitment to making new and environmentally responsible transportation modes accessible to larger #customer base.

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