Digital Engagement Analytics

Digital Engagement Analytics

How to Measure and Manage It Effectively?

Introduction of social media in business space has completely transformed the relationship between and enterprise and its customers. The one-way communication pattern has now become a two-way dialogue. It has given customers a platform to voice out their opinions and has enabled businesses to get insights into their customers’ mindsets and preferences. Essentially it has got businesses to focus on building and nurturing a relationship.

Now when we talk about relationship, it is imperative that you have an engaged customer base. We know that brands are today doling out a lot of money for customer engagement initiatives. These can be online as well as offline initiatives.

While some companies struggle with getting higher engagement, some struggle with not knowing what to do exactly with engagement.

While working with a Fortune 500 retailer from US, we had to analyze customer interactions and engagement on multiple digital platforms. They were running small, medium, and large scale campaigns for digital outreach and to drive engagement. We helped our client to identify the opportunity gaps and their current strategy towards active and passive connects.

Evaluate Social Media Engagement Rate

How you measure social media engagement rate is critical for all businesses. At Infovision Social, we use our proprietary framework to determine this. We assign different weights to attributes of active engagement and passive engagement across multiple social platforms to calculate a more realistic engagement rate.

This engagement rate helps us understand how well a particular social outreach from the brand has worked. It also guides us in comparing various ‘digital conversations’ around different social campaigns.

This comparative analysis enables us to share recommendations on how to further finetune social outreach initiatives and what would maximize the returns.

Success of Digital Outreach

Usually, the success of digital outreach programs is calculated by looking at the following parameters:

  1. How many customers have engaged?
  2. How many customers have actively engaged?
  3. How many customers have positively engaged?

But we believe that this approach is not enough. So, we start with objectives of the outreach first. We then combine engagement rate with net sentiment analysis. This approach then builds a more realistic picture of digital outreach success compared to the objectives defined. If the outreach meets the objectives then it is successful.

Infovision Social’s Digital Customer Engagement Framework

We have designed our own set of digital customer engagement methodologies to analyze digital outreach programs and help our clients with actionable insights. We rank their initiatives to help them understand which programs worked and why and how they impacted digital engagement.

But more importantly, our methodologies are designed to help our clients make better strategic decisions. We help them by segregating their initiatives into 4 categories and provide recommendations for each category:

  1. Strategy Overhaulers: This category will include initiatives that have got high engagement rate but the net sentiment is negative. Here you need to go back to the table and rehash your strategy. You may need to overhaul the entire initiative and come back with a whole another plan.
  2. Strategy Rethinkers: These are programs that haven’t done well on engagement as well as sentiment. If you intend to continue with these initiatives, then you need to rethink your entire strategy, be it content, channel, or timing.
  3. Support Seekers: Here you will have programs that have done better on sentiment but have very low engagement rate. Such programs need a little extra push in terms of getting higher number of people engaged.
  4. Trendsetters: These are the best-in-class social outreach programs that have delivered high engagement rate as well as positive sentiment. Every brand would like to feature in this category!

When working with clients, we often help them get a better content and channel strategy in place. Although these things seem insignificant when you look at the bigger picture, they make all the difference.

We also help them analyze the time of posting their social media content and make recommendations around what type of content to post, when and on what channel.

The insights that we generate and the recommendations we make go a long way in making their social campaigns and digital outreach more effective.

Take a trial of our digital customer engagement analysis and see how it can add value for your brand. To explore strategies on digital customer engagement, get in touch with our engagement strategists.


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