Gilead Sciences New Drug Descovy Obtains Fda Approval For Prep

In the ever #competitive industry of #healthcare and #pharmacy, government approvals are, by and large, of vital importance. They ensure a natural and homogenous availability of drugs to customers, caregivers and patients.

The recent FDA’s approval of Gilead Science’s Descovy was a topic of discussion on #socialmedia. Gilead Science, the giant drug manufacturer and maker of the blockbuster drug, Truvada, on Thursday obtained the US FDA approval to market Descovy. Descovy, a #nextgen #prevention drug was already being used by those who have #HIV.

Descovy has now been approved for HIV PrEP in everyone, except for people who have vaginal sex, since its efficacy has not yet been studied in this population. #Health experts were seen suggesting that #Descovy can be taken once daily to reduce the transmission of HIV by over 95%.

The popular discussion themes found around the #FDA approval are as follows:

  • Features and benefits of Descovy
  • Efficacy of the drug
  • Comparison with Truvada
  • FDA’s approval of drug
  • Dosage & administration procedure
  • Assistance programs attached with Descovy
  • Comparison of prices between Truvada and Descovy
  • Access to Descovy

FDA’s tweet from its official handle (@US_FDA), announcing the FDA approval for Descovy, garnered a total engagement rate of 100+.

FDA Announces Descovy’s Approval

Source: Twitter

Geographic Analysis

Our geographic #analysis found that 86% of the total social media conversations came from the US. This was followed by India, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Global Spread of Descovy’s FDA Approval Discussions

The US audiences were found discussing about:

  • FDA approval which does not include use of the drugs by women to prevent HIV infection
  • Features and efficacy of the prevention pill
  • Dosage etc

Top Buzz Drivers

Our social media analysis revealed that, health publications like NBC News Health and HIV Gov, US_FDA have contributed the most (45%) to social media conversations.

Conversation Breakdown

Demographic Analysis

Our demographic analysis found that, top professions who were contributing to the social media conversations were mainly Health Practitioners (21%), Journalists (16%), Scientists & Researchers (14%) and Teachers (13%).

Professions Breakdown

Beauty/Health &Fitness, Family & Parenting featured among top interests of the people, who drove virality around the news across various social media platforms.

Interest Breakdown

Some researchers and industry experts pointed out how the commercial selling of Descovy will provide a much-needed boost to the #pharmagiant who has witnessed a slowdown in the #sales of one of its most popular drugs, #Truvada. Certainly, an innovation, offering better ways to cope with HIV was the need of the hour.

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