Impossible whopper burger

Impossible Burger Now Available in Grocery Stores

Gastronomes have a lot to cheer for heading into this weekend, as #ImpossibleFoods would make its way to neighborhood grocery stores, starting this Friday. The #alternate #meat maker plans to hit all 27 of Gelson’s Markets in #Southern #California, including the ones in #SanDiego and #LosAngeles. The Silicon Valley based #meat #substitute producer, Impossible Foods, also revealed about its plans to make the bio-engineered #meat available in #grocery stores throughout the country by mid-2020.

The news of easy availability of Impossible Food products led to considerable #socialmedia chatter. #Vegan dieters and advocates of #veganism were thrilled to know that the #plantbased alternate meat would now be readily available at a #Gelson’s market near them.

VoC Analysis

Our Voice of Customer Analysis identified the following trends in social media discussions:

  • #Foodies were excited to visit the grocery stores and try the #burger
  • Few were thanking Impossible Foods for launching their delicious #meatless burger in the grocery stores
  • Some people were also seen guiding others over the locations were the plant-based meat burger was available

Voice of Customer

Tweet mentioning impossible foods

Tweet mentioning impossible burger


The brand’s tie-up with #BurgerKing was a topic that had recurrent mentions. The popularity of its vegan meat is already known as it has an integral association with #ImpossibleWhooper.

Virality Drivers

@Forbes, @CNBC, @businessinsider, @engadget, @voxdotcom, etc. were some of the top news agencies which drove virality around this news.

Breakdown of Social Media Buzz Drivers

Pie graph of social media buzz drivers

Trending Hashtags

Our social media analysis revealed that #impossibleburger, #beyondmeat, #plantbasedmeat, #vegan, #burger, etc. were some of the most popular hashtags used by people when discussing the news.

Popular Hashtags

Trending hashtags

A healthy diet in today’s world goes hand-in-hand with staying fit. A whole body of medical researches, over the last few decades, has hinted that the animal-sourced protein may not be all that good for humans. Thus, plant-based meat seems to have become a lifestyle of choice. This #lifestyle also aligns itself with the kind of healthy lifestyle philosophies followed by the #millennials.



















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