McDonald’s Bringing BTS Meal

McDonald’s Bringing BTS Meal Your Way in Collaboration with K-Pop Band

McDonald’s partnership with Travis Scott has been a runaway success. The brand has now again started following the same strategy of launching limited-edition “Celebrity Meals” by teaming up with another global entertainment powerhouse: #Kpop sensation, BTS. The fast-food giant hopped onto social and announced the new celebrity meal saying, “Coming this May. The BTS meal.”

#BTS has achieved smashing records in the music industry and now the K-Pop band is reaching out to fans in a unique way. Following on the heels of the Travis Scott promo and J Balvin’s “Vibras” themed celebrity menu, this will likely cause a run on chicken McNuggets – a go-to menu item tapped by the septet.

The launch date for the #BTS meal is planned on May 26th in the US and will be launched in 50 countries all over the globe including Brazil, Morocco, the Philippines, and more. It is an idea that the BTS meal will only be available for a limited time.

The order is said to include, a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and medium Coke, complete with Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by popular McDonald’s popular South Korea recipes, available in the United States for the first time. They announced to use French fries to emulate the BTS group’s (Korean stars) iconic logo with an impeccable arrangement of fries, seven for the septet.

Sounds Dynamite!

In an official statement covered by PRNewswire, Morgan Flatley, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA had promising words to say about the brand:

BTS truly lights up the world stage, uniting people across the globe through their music. We’re excited to bring customers even closer to their beloved band in a way only McDonald’s can – through our delicious food – when we introduce the BTS signature order on our menu next month

Social Media Trends: McDonald’s BTS Meal

Social media witnessed a flurry of activities after McDonald’s announced the exciting new collaboration. On Twitter, ‘BTS ARMY’ posted memes to celebrate the news while others were found saying that they want the BTS meal in their country as well. Fans and followers of the group took to their social media to express their anticipation for the Grammy-nominated boy band’s meal.

McDonald’s BTS Meal: Top Theme Analysis

McDonald’s BTS Meal

A large number of social media users expressed their excitement over the new BTS menu coming up partnered with the Korean band. It is evident from the word cloud that McDonald’s and #mcdonalds were mentioned in large proportions by people. They were also talking about the collaboration of the two and the BTS menu – as analyzed from the word cloud. Some tweets mentioned why the BTS menu will not be in their country?

McDonald’s BTS Meal: Demographics Analysis

Gender Analysis

From the analysis, women were found to be more vocal about this McDonald’s and K-Pop band collaboration. Also read about jawani phir nahi ani 2 watch online. Near to about 58% of the conversations were from females who have expressed their reaction about the BTS meal and only 42.1% of the total are males.

N = 15k

Age Analysis

The craze for BTS meals is observed much more in the Gen Z generation. McDonald’s through this smart collaboration is harnessing the energy and excitement by collaboration as the BTS speaks to the world’s youth. Also read about download panda gamepad pro. The youngest generation (18-24) of age went into a tizzy at the news of this gastro-musical collaboration.

Social Trends McDonald’s BTS Meal: Sentiment Analysis

52% of positive sentiment is conveyed from the netizens as they express the eagerness to have BTS signature order on the McDonald’s menu next month. Also read about youtube thumbnail downloader. The announcement has brought joy to the BTS army all over the world and they can’t wait to stuff their faces with all this delectable goodness.

Turns out, celebrity and brand collab helps the brand connect with Gen Z customers and garner lots of attention on social media. The BTS x McDonald’s Collab purely depicts good things are coming for the fans!

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