Millennial Moms : Who Are We And How to Engage With Us: Research Based Tips

Who Are We And How to Engage With Us: Research Based Tips

During one of my recent grocery shopping trips, I happened to keenly observe the shopping carts of my friends and some of the other younger moms at the store. I was pleasantly surprised to find that apart from very few desserts or sugary after-school snack bars, most of them had their carts full of fruits, vegetables, healthy drinks, and cheese.

Over the next few days, I continued to observe their shopping habits. What I noticed was a shift in the trend – a departure from the age-old choices made by moms, especially when it came to shopping. I realized that this drift is characterized by a conscious departure from ‘unhealthy to healthy’ ways of life. Most of the moms, I was observing were young, fitness-oriented (in their gym clothes, running shoes), munching on apples or nuts.

Has this change led to the rise of new-age ‘millennial moms’? Have they decided to take health and fitness in their own hands and be a role model for the kids? Are they playing a bigger role when it comes to healthy eating and fitness decision-making process?

Paradigm Shift in the Trend

Research suggests ‘Millennials’ are growing up, settling down, getting married and having families. Social media research would further substantiate this. In the US, millennial moms constitute approximately 9 million strong market segment1. This segment behaves differently from the earlier generation of moms who did not play a very big role in the decision-making. Instead today, 55% of the millennial moms play an active role in making purchasing decisions2.

If, as a business, you are not connecting with the millennial moms, then you are missing out on a big chunk of market share. But how do you connect with them?

Millennial Moms & Gap Analysis

When it comes to the segment of the millennial moms there seems to be a dearth of understanding. This results in ineffective marketing campaigns and failed outreach programs. Here is how we help marketers engage with millennial moms better:

  1. Understand their Voice. Millennial moms are voicing their opinions across various social media platforms. We can help you build the context of their opinions to support targeted marketing.
  2. Understand their Buying Triggers. Millennial moms have specific set of buying needs and they hit straight for what they want. Our social media research can help you further identify topics like ethical sourcing, sustainability, etc. as purchase triggers.
  3. Identify their Influencers. Millennial moms are seeking advice and trusting those who have “been there done that”. They rely on opinions. We help you identify whose opinions matter the most for this segment.
  4. Identify their Preferred Channel. 97% of 1,000 millennial parents in a Crowtap survey said that they had found social media helpful for parenting, and nearly half said they turned to social media at least once a day for advice. We help marketers understand which channel is more popular with millennial moms when seeking advice around a certain parenting topic.
  5. Identify what type of Content Works. Millennial moms are using multiple devices to access social media. They are very specific in their search terms and look for the right content on the right channel to engage with. We help marketers identify this ideal content type and publishing frequency through extensive research.

Millennial Moms: Smart Purchasers

Millennial moms are smart. They can create their own content. They are looking for brands who can engage with them straight on and help them in their journey of parenthood.

It’s a growing segment – a segment which cannot be ignored. It’s a different generation from the previous generations of mom. This is a complex segment which is tech-savvy–it extensively uses technology, consumes media, has learned to shop from various online locations. For brands, it is important to recognize the needs and drivers of this segment to engage and connect with them better.

Social media is a treasure of information when it comes to this segment. But the information is not in a structured format. We combine structured and unstructured data in a single uniform format. We also use advanced filtering and stratification techniques to ensure only relevant data is analysed.

If you are looking to engage with millennial moms better, then try our VoC analysis service. Take a free trial of VoC and make your decision.



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