Nestlé Joins Vegan Race: Introduces Plant-based Bacon Cheeseburger

Nestle, one of the largest players, on Wednesday, October 9, announced that it has launched a plant-based, to and . The company has announced that for now it will sell these products to its restaurant and food service clients out of . But it has plans to spread out in Europe by next year. The announcement follows the launch of Nestlé’s , a plant-based patty that looks and tastes like meat.

Conversations around the vegan initiative soon became the talking point across various platforms.

VoC Analysis

Our identified the following trends in the social media discussions:

  • People were very excited about the launch and appreciated Nestle () for its initiative
  • People spoke about how this would help reduce the burden on
  • A few were seen discussing about the ingredients of the
  • Some also mentioned that this would help achieve a because of of

Audience Demographics

An insightful social media pattern was identified in our analysis. Women (54%) were found to engage more with the endeavor from than men (46%).

Gender Breakdown

This marks a departure from the usually observed gender conversation pattern, where men are more vocal than women about news from any sector- , &B, , , .

This change in the pattern can be attributed to the fact that Nestle’s new initiative revolves around and changes and adhering to in particular. Women are often found to be the decision makers when it comes to making dietary choices for and regulating their intake. But it might be too early to call this a social media trend evolving in the sector.

Conversation Wheel

A closer look at the conversation wheel revealed that women were mostly engaging with topics like advantages of adopting a -based and appreciating the recent initiative by . Men were mostly retweeting and sharing the news in social media.

Interest Analysis

Our analysis shows that people with interest in Food & Drinks (16%) were the most vocal about Nestle’s new offering. This was closely followed by people having inclinations for Animals & Pets (13%), Beauty/Health & Fitness (12%)respectively.

Virality Drivers

Vegan and plant based advocates like , , , etc. were among the top authors driving around the Nestle’s vegan initiative story.

Trending Hashtags

Our social media analysis revealed that , were among the most popular hashtags used around the story.

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