Identifying a Niche Influencer For Maximum Impact on Brand

Niche Influencer Identification To Maximize Impact on Brand

Do you already have a long list of ‘Influencers’ with whom you engage? Or are you new to ‘Influencer Identification’ and want to know more about it? Oftentimes, many marketers are not sure about how influencer marketing is going to be effective for their brand. Here you’ll know how influencer marketing is the next big thing for brands.

There are many brands considering Influencer Marketing suitable only for big brands and are in the delusion that new or not-so-famous brands cannot use influencer marketing. Here’s the good news, Influencer marketing can be used by everybody. It does not matter how big or small your brand is – an influencer is always influential for your brand. Influencer Marketing is a powerful marketing tool, if used effectively.

Big Influencers Versus Small Influencers

I recently made my first trip to Italy and boy was I impressed by the grandeur of the Roman empire ruins! The Colosseum, The Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica – there is just so much to see all around Rome – with each majestic place dating back to over 2000 years. And look at the crowds! All the people, from all over the world come to Rome to see these ruins. The influence that these majestic ruins left over the period of time can be seen even now and will continue to be seen in the future.

Now, this was the fabled Roman empire. So, it was obvious that it would have a strong influence. But let me take you down to the South of Italy – beautiful cliffs, pristine beaches, cozy islands, all drawing thousands of people. Now, most of these places were unknown to me. Our local guide ‘Fabio’ influenced us to see these gorgeous placed by describing their beauty. I have to admit that these placed were indeed hidden gems!

The point that I am making here is that an influencer does not have to always be a very prominent brand or name. It can be a new or an emerging brand. It can also be a lesser known name. But if they can connect with the right customers at the right time, then they have won hearts!

Although our guide was a lesser known influencer, his impact on the tourism sector was tremendous! The tourism industry of that region was booming by aligning with him.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media has helped ‘Influencer Marketing’ in a lot of ways. You don’t have to meet a ‘Fabio’ in person. Many influencers on social media who would engage and connect with you even before you set a foot out of your home. On one hand you have forums like Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. On the other, you have people who write travelogues. Some of these travelogues often recount personal stories related to places. You can find some useful blogs written by moms specifically for families with small kids.

Social media has helped brands of all sizes to instantly connect and engage with prospective customers with just a click. It has helped brands communicate with influencers and enabled the influencers to engage with prospective customers.

Infovision Social and Influencer Engagement

We have extensively shared recommendations with our clients on how best to use influencers for a greater and more effective impact.

We understand that there is a lot of literature out there, telling us how to effectively use Influencer marketing. One search on Google and you will find a lot of information around it. But your influencer marketing can be successful only if you have identified the right influencer.
We have solved the puzzle of influencer identification by creating a proprietary framework which makes the whole process simple and yet effective.

Here is what we do in influencer identification:

  1. Identify Influencers – We identify potential influencers by using a ranking system that interplays with a host of other predefined attributes.
  2. Segregate and Understand Current Influencer List: Once the influencers are identified, we score and rank them to understand who matches and best fits the bill for the business. These influencers could be micro or macro influencer, each one of them having a strong impact on the brand.
  3. Create a Final Influencer List After Rigorous Evaluation: All the scores are compared to help us identify the top influencers with whom our clients must definitely engage.
  4. Build Influencer Persona: After looking at many influencers and understanding their attributes, we create an influencer persona – someone who would be an ideal influencer. This would help our client associate with the right influencer, who can drive the brand message further within the targeted segment.
  5. Keep Working on the Influencer List: Influencer list has to be dynamic. There will be new influencers for a brand each day, and the key is to keep monitoring. The brand has to be active and vigilant to have the most influential influencer on their list, all the time.

Our job does not end at ‘influencer identification’. We help our clients identify the right content which they can share with the influencers to have them spread the message out to your prospective customers. We also monitor how the influencer’s message is spreading out amongst the larger audience base.

If you want to identify influencers in your industry, understand who could be the right influencer for your brand, and how best can you use these influencers, then try our ‘Influencer Identification’ service. You can contact us to share your requirements as well.

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