Voice of Customer Analysis

Voice of Customer Analysis: Why Should Marketers Track It?

What makes voice of customer analysis so critical? In this blog, we will discuss why it is important for marketers to always monitor the ‘Voice of their Customers’.

Customer Is the King

The customer has always been the king! He always has a ‘choice’ and if he chooses your brand, then you definitely have won him over. But is a brand’s job done once the product or service is sold? No. Brands have to continuously evolve, engage, and connect with the customer. They have to continuously listen to the customer and make changes as per customer requirements.

Brands have to let the customer know that they are changing, editing, and modifying their services based on customer feedback. This makes the customer feel even more valuable and wanted. Hopefully you then have a customer for life!

Listening to the Voice of the Customer is Critical

There is no denying that social media is a powerful platform for customers to voice out their opinions. It’s time that brands realize that the power is now in the hands of the customer. This is precisely, why it is called the age of the customer! This makes customer experience (CX) all the more critical for the brand.

The modern-day customers are demanding. They want a very real, personalized experience, which makes it very important for brands to understand their customers extremely well. This requires a well-defined framework.

Infovision Social has created a strong framework that listens to the customers and brings out detailed insights.

Infovision Social’s Voice of Customer Framework

We at Infovision Social understand that analyzing the voice of customer is an entire process which starts from understanding your customer. Our framework not only collates all the data around customer feedback, but also analyzes it in detail. We look at the tonality of the conversations and take a step further to detail the key themes voiced out by the customers.

Our framework has been designed to make your brand become more ‘customer centric’ and helps you engage more with your customer.

  1. Collection of customer feedback: Social media is rich in customer conversations. We have our tools which help us to listen to customer conversations on social. We collect as much as we can to read and understand the tonality and issues being discussed by customers
  2. Analysis of customer feedback: This is a critical step designed to scientifically analyze all the customer conversation data. Unstructured data can be easily designed to give a structure which helps us to find insights from these conversations
  3. Share actionable insights with the clients: This is where we share recommendations and insights with our clients for them to work on customer feedback

What Happens If You Don’t Track Voice of Customer?

In the world of social media, customer experiences spread like wildfire. Positive customer experiences get amplified and works as referrals for your brand. On the other hand negative experiences can make a big damage to your brand.

Social Media has turned all your customers into ‘potential brand influencers ’ – Brands have to listen to them, because not listening could damage the brand in the long run.

So listening and monitoring the voice of the customer at every step is critical. It is especially critical when you have launched a new product in the market or have launched a campaign. It becomes extremely important to listen to your customers to understand how they are engaging with your product or the campaign.

If you are looking to monitor your customers’ voice, then try our ‘Voice of Customer analysis’ services. You can also contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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